launches over the rope

Cricket Lingo was founded in March 2013 and is currently in 3 schools doing what it does best, which is to promote team work, respect, communication and the most important value which is to have fun. With Cricket Lingo you get to learn Cricket and its sportsmanship values and at the same time learning English.

Cricket Lingo started when I was invited to go and see a school with a friend who wanted to send her child there and she asked me to come along. I thought to myself why not as I was always intrigued by how the school system in Germany worked and I wanted to see the school environment.

After having a tour of the school, I was invited by the headmistress to have chat with her. Thats when she started asking me questions about myself and what I was doing in Berlin. I told her of my past experiences and that I was looking for a new challenge as till then in Berlin I had experienced a few turbulent years and a failure in my start up which was selling smoothes and milk shakes. As the meeting was coming to an end the head mistress turned to me and asked what could I do for the children, I replied ‘I can speak English and play cricket’, to which she replied, ‘great when can you start’. I was delighted and I asked her why? she said ‘your enthusiasm and passion for the school made a impression on me.

Thats when cricket lingo started………….