reaches out to all! FREE Womens & Kids coaching

Cricket Lingo has teamed up with Britannia Cricket Club in Berlin to offer free coaching every Tuesday from 7pm to 9.30pm @Katharina-Heinroth-Grundschule, Münstersche Straße 16, D-10709 Berlin .

This is a exciting time in the development of womens cricket in Germany and what makes it even more special is that we have 3 very exciting players.
First session went like a treat and we are learned so much. A special thanks goes to Janpreet, Rohit and Kumar from Britannia, they were awesome!

Next steps is to recruit more players for the womens cup in North Germany in March. We strogly believe we can represent Berlin in the competition.

Our sessions are for anyone who wants to have a great time and meet new people. I think we have a great base and we are now ready to move slowly and steadily.

Cricket lingo is developing and learning… onwards we go 🙂10805005_10152926834412249_16393594_n

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